Driving innovation through product development

Innovation is what drives product development at 4basebio. Our objective is to move boundaries and develop products which will assist with the advancement of life sciences and healthcare as a whole.  Our product development strategy is focused around core high added value workflows we have identified such as single cell analysis, liquid biopsy and protein biomarker research which all target fast growing market segments. Through innovation, we are able to protect our intellectual property by means of patents which in turn provides us with a strong competitive position in the market place allowing our products to attract premium pricing and deliver high gross margins.

Key technologies within our growth markets:

TruePrime™ whole genome amplification (copying DNA molecules):

TruePrime™ is the brand name of a series of technologies dedicated to the amplification of various DNA or RNA species for a multitude of applications including those with low amounts of available DNA such as Liquid Biopsy, Single Cell Analysis and Next Generation Sequencing workflows. TruePrime™ stands for a revolutionary change in the way DNA or RNA is amplified. While the current methods to amplify DNA require short pieces of synthetic DNA (“primers”) to start off the amplification, TruePrime™ does not require such primers resulting in a more accurate DNA copying mechanism with higher sensitivity and broader coverage across the genome.

Lightning-Link® antibody labelling technology:

Lightning-Link sits at the heart of 4basebio’s immunoreagents range enabling 4basebio access to the monoclonal antibody market which is expecting to reach a value of USD 138.6 billion by 2024. Antibodies have substantial clinical application both as diagnostic and therapeutic agents. The conjugation of antibodies to partner molecules is important for both these applications, either for delivery of a marker to a target or for visualisation or quantification of the target biomarker of interest.   Lightning-Link technology is a patented technology allowing single step, fast and accurate antibody conjugation to a range of reporter molecules, whilst overcoming many constraints associated with traditional antibody labelling methods. The company is offering access to this technology through a range of easy to use kits for R&D use whilst also licensing the technology for commercial use with a wide range of partners for both diagnostic and research-based applications.


CaptSureTM single step antibody capture technology:

CaptSure is a next-generation cross-platform immunoassay technology enabling fast and reliable capture of biomarker targets. The technology is very complementary with Lightning-Link which is focussed around biomarker detection and quantitation. The technique is highly suitable for commercial deployment as it facilitates enhanced performance in combination with a substantial reduction in production costs and assay development time.

The technology has been successfully embedded in a high throughput drug discovery tool (Surefire) and has recently also been deployed in ELISA assay format which has already been licensed to two Tier 1 assay manufacturers. The technology applicability across a wide variety of formats of immunoassay systems, such as ELISA, LFA, bead based assay and microfluidics, in addition to its ability to support multiplex assay formats, make it a valuable asset driving the expansion into the lucrative immunoassay market segment.


RunBlue Bis Tris gels: 

Electrophoresis is a widely used laboratory technique which also has some clinical applications. At our facilities in Cambridge, UK and San Diego, USA, 4basebio manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative, patented high quality electrophoresis reagents and devices for use in proteomics and genomics research. One of our key technologies resides in our RunBlue unique polymerization technology which enabling the manufacture of stronger and more reliable composite polyacrylamide gels, the molecular sieves that facilitate the separation of the DNA, RNA or proteins. These products not only offer increased performance but also provide better consistency and reproducibility compared to alternative approaches.


Colloidal gold:

One of our key objectives is to facilitate the advancement of our products from an R&D environment into a manufacturing setting and enable the embedding of our products in diagnostic end products. Gold nanoparticles are one of the dominant reporter methods for point of care lateral flow assays (e.g. pregnancy testing). The company has developed a commercially scalable, proprietary and novel colloidal gold particle manufacturing and coating process providing particles of the highest quality which offer superior properties in terms of particle size and shape and their ability to conjugate antibodies or antigens.

Figure 1. Transmission electron microscopy of commercially available gold particles. Note that the 4basebio particles (bottom right) have the most regular shape.