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Expedeon is an enabler of exciting advances in medical science and patient care.  Our core technologies, innovative products and services are used in research laboratories around the world and are increasingly incorporated into point-of-care and clinical diagnostics.

Our aim is to create and sell innovative, clever and easy to use products and services which enable scientists to push the boundaries of research and product development and play an integral part in new diagnostic tools being brought to market.

The technologies we develop both accelerate and simplify research and make new and cost-effective processes available to biopharmaceutical and diagnostic organisations alike, thereby underpinning our customers’ development and commercialisation objectives.

Our mission is to act as enablers and innovators for the markets we serve and strengthen our role as a strategic partner to our customers.  By doing so, we are able to create and deliver exciting new technologies, products and services which form the foundations of our strong organic growth.

We recognise the synergies of bringing together complementary technologies to enable Expedeon to provide an increasingly broader offering to our customers, further supporting their day to day workflows and commercial objectives.  By pursuing this strategy, Expedeon has grown from revenues of €1.8m in 2016 to expected revenues of €13-14m in 2018.


“We remain very focused on the next steps of our growth strategy and in establishing ourselves as a market leader in this exciting space”

Heikki Lanckriet, CEO