Drug discovery and diagnostic product development typically follows established and well-defined processes. This involves sequential steps requiring a specific set of tools and technologies. This is often described as a product workflow within life sciences.

Integrated product expansion

Our business model focuses on developing an integrated product range delivering entire workflow solutions to our customers. Central to this business model are Expedeon’s innovative technologies which act as unique anchor points within these lucrative workflows serving multiple industry sectors such as Next Generation Sequencing, Liquid Biopsy, drug discovery, point-of-care testing and clinical diagnostics.

Vertical integration

We maximise return from our intellectual property through vertical integration, taking an idea from concept through R&D into to manufacture and ultimately commercialisation. Our core focus is to sell directly to the end user, thereby maximising the return from the value chain, enabling us to further increase sales by a combination of cross selling and upselling within our ever-expanding customer base.

Product offering

We are a company driven by innovation, investing around 10% of turnover in research & development of new products. Our objective is to deliver products and technologies that both address current workflow bottlenecks as well as pushing the boundaries of drug discovery research and diagnostic product development. Through close interaction with our customers we are able to address key constraints whilst identifying and anticipating future market trends.

We focus our product development around five core principles:

  • Enabling – provide access to technologies and services to address and overcome key hurdles within the industry
  • High quality and performance – forming a brand our customers know and trust retaining loyalty and repeat business
  • Ease-of-use – technologies that streamline the way our customer work, speeding up product delivery for entry into market
  • Reproducibility – consistent results removing the variability within research
  • Scalability – seamless tech transfer from R&D to manufacturing

This creates premium priced, valuable, high repeat use products and services of great value to our customers. Through this we are able to deliver strong shareholder return.