Investment Case

  • Overview

    – 4basebio: a manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade DNA
    – New manufacturing processes
    – Pursueing vertical integration for gene therapy and DNA vaccines

  • Market Opportunities

    An increasing demand for pharmaceutical grade DNA
    4basebio designs a new synthetic production:
    – Highly effective
    – Scalable
    – Fast
    – Safer

  • 4basebio’s Technology

    – Fully synthetic, scalable and cell-free manufacturing process
    – High yield
    – Proprietary enzyme technologies
    – Wide range of applications

  • Analyst Reports

    First Berlin, Analyst Christian Orquera, 15 July 2020: “AIMING TO DISRUPT THE DNA MANUFACTUING MARKET”

  • FAQs

    What does 4basebio do? 4basebio is developing a production method for next generation synthetic DNA (hairpin-DNA, hp-DNA). Our products will be the active ingredient in future gene therapies and gene…