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2017 Annual Report


2017 revenue growth


2017 Revenue


2017 Q4 EBITDA

2017 Performance

  • Revenue




  • Revenue per share 2017


  • Revenue per share 2016


  • Organic revenue growth


Financial Outlook for 2018

  • 1

    Become increasingly profitable through a combination of organic growth and growth by acquisitions

  • 2

    Continue to expand and consolidate the product portfolio; generate ongoing growth through strong organic products sales and acquisition

  • 3

    Generate revenues of EUR 13-14 million. Ongoing upside potential in 2019

  • 4

    EBITDA positive

  • 5

    Become cash flow positive during 2018

Strategic investment

Innovation & Intellectual Property

We are a company driven by innovation, investing around 10% of turnover in research & development of new products. Innovation is what drives product development at Expedeon. Our objective is to move boundaries and develop products which will assist with the advancement of life sciences and healthcare as a whole. Through innovation, we are able to protect our intellectual property by means of patents which in turn provides us with a strong competitive position in the market place allowing our products to attract premium pricing and deliver high gross margins.

Commercial Capability

We sell our offering predominantly through our own sales and marketing infrastructure alongside a global network of distributors to facilitate rapid market penetration. We have made substantial investments in developing and expanding our direct sales and marketing reach and capabilities. The Company now operates a comprehensive e-marketing platform which drives new lead generation and is supported by an extensive key account management system focused on delivering cross-selling opportunities within the existing customer base. The combination of strong new account development in conjunction with extensive cross-selling are the key drivers for sustained strong organic growth.


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